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May 5, 2013

Kickstarter: Video Production That Helps Budding Entrepreneurs

May 5, 2013 | By | One Comment

It’s been a wild year so far, and it’s getting more and more interesting all the time! I dipped a toe into the world of Kickstarter, and I have to say I’m itching to dive in!

Our first-ever Kickstarter video was for Brandon Griswold, who is bringing manliness back into the art of letterpress. His project, The Book of Manly Marks, takes an assortment of “manly” things and puts them all into one place–a high quality, hand bound, letterpress book, complete with a wax canvas cover and an inner liner made of antique maps. It’s just a half step away from growing its own beard.

The project (and the video) turned out to be a huge success, and Brandon was able to far surpass the goal he set. He is now in full production on his rewards, and we have since made an additional video to update his backers. Several blogs picked up on the project, and Wired Magazine is even using a clip from our video in a somewhat satirical article in the electronic version of their May issue.

Are you thinking of starting a Kickstarter project? Let us know! We’d be happy to help you out.