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About Us

A little bit about HoltArts.

Brad Holt

Director of Photography

I’ve been making movies since I was just a little kid with my parents’ camcorder. A lot has changed since then, but my curiosity and passion for cinema are stronger than ever.

A Little About HoltArts

At HoltArts Entertainment, we love making great stuff. We stay on top of latest and greatest in production equipment, and our team is loaded with experience, skill and an unrivaled passion. The way we see it, you can’t make great movies unless you love what you do. Do we love it? Oh we love it.

Whether it’s a music video, commercial, feature film, TV show, or something else altogether, we make sure every project is as delicious as we can make it. We have a full RED Epic-M package that’s ready to rock. Or, if you consider DSLRs more your cup of tea, we’ve got them, and we’re ready to tear it up! Just say the word.


We Shoot on RED

But We Don’t Have To

We love shooting on our RED Epic-M when your project needs it. Don’t need that much power for your shoot? No problem. We also shoot on multiple DSLRs. Have another digital cinema camera in mind? Ask and it shall be yours.

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